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TurboTest is a program that makes it easy to get started with Dolphin Express. Under the TurboTest program, you can verify that your specific application realizes the performance improvements we have benchmarked with our customers and partners - it"s easy and risk free.

The program includes a 30 day evaluation period. Throughout the test period you will have access to our world class support engineers who will answer any questions you may have. After the 30 day period, if you decide to purchase the product, we will simply bill you based on your purchase order. If you decide to return the product, just acquire an RMA number from Dolphin and ship the product back. It's that easy!

Program overview

In order to participate in the TurboTest Program, you must issue a purchase order for the products you wish to test. A Dolphin Sales rep can provide the pricing information required for the PO. After the evaluation period, you can either return the equipment or we can just bill you based on the PO.

If you want to return the equipment, we expect you to let us know why prior to shipping the equipment back. Technical problems should be reported to our support service immediately.


For non US Customers:

You will be required to pay shipment, VAT and Customs (if applicable) when the products are received. If you need to return the product, you will be required to pay for shipping back to Dolphin of the product.

For US Customers:

Customers will be required to pay for all shipping within the US. Taxes will only be applied when product is purchased.

Cluster or Multi-core performance

The following items are included in our IXB280 package TurboTest for performance:

  • Two PCI Express Network cards (IXH610)
  • 1 meter cables to test x8 PCIe connection with up to 40Gb/s throughput
  • User/Password to access Linux and Windows software and installation guides

This configuration is a direct connection between two IXH610's and delivers the same performance characteristics as a switched cluster with up to 8 nodes using the IXS600 Switch. Other test configurations are available upon request - please specify your requirements at registration.

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